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Hack My Ride

In april 2018, I participated in a hackathon organised by the public transport company of Brussels. (STIB)

We where a team of around 6 participants, and won the price! ­čÖé
Our concept was an AR-application where the user could see the metros ride in realtime under their feet. Using the realtime metro information provided, and the static information of metro routes.

The article can be read on their official website (French)

Fast vertex color shader in Unity

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Global Game Jam – exit reality

Situated in Antwerp, the House of Indie organized a global game jam. With a team filled up with artists we choose to make a game where the artistic experience is central. Therefore UnrealEngine4 was the best choice. The game is about getting to the exit door at the end of the level while encountering moral breaking freaky things on the way.

Here is a screenshot right after spawning in the game:


urban gamejam – Industria

Based in an old swimming in Charleroi, we had the whole weekend to make a game which would reflect the feeling of the city. The game is about a plastic bag that floats around the city trying to clean all the factories.


result here

We actually won the game jam and we could spent a week with professional guidance at Fishing Cactus. I already did my internship there, so it was a kind of funny situation. The game we made during that week is run and drift:


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