“This is the story of a orc gentleman who wants to avenge his sheep who are abducted by evil UFOs… The only way possible is… with his segway and exploding sheep!”

Oculus rift and Samsung geared up together to make a new Virtual Reality device: The Samsung Gear VR. It permits to use a high end smartphone in a device that foresees some extra buttons. The pro’s are that you have an very good display, you can reuse the smartphone, you have some buttons on the device and most importantly, you are not attached with cables to a computer. The pay-off is the performance of a mobile phone end the price (around €1000).

Now for promoting the Gear VR, Samsung organised a big competition with a 1M in cash prizes. We teamed up with 7 people and hired an office to work together for a month. And at the end, we developed a game which all of us liked and uploaded our submission. Are you ready for the result?

Also, checkout the official submission page: http://vrjam.challengepost.com/submissions/36560-limonade

We worked on this project with a team of 6 persons. Therefore we rented a location to work together.

– 3 Programmers
– 2 Artists
– 1 Sound designer

For the gameplay I made the UFO’s, the cannons, the end sequence and the destroyable factory.
On the artsy side I used the artist’s 3d models and build a level with it. I sat together with the artists to optimize the 3d-models, optimized the level for better occlusion culling and put light-baking into place.
I learned quite a lot about Unity optimizing during the creation of the game.