Python tool for Master F.I.N.D

Made to translate XML-files with data from a Google docs.

The game got a positive reaction from the news papers:

Train simulator

I developed a prototype for a serious game teaching English people how to ride a train. The 3d models and there placement where done by an excellent artist. I did the coding part. While it was a pretty easy project, here where some challenges:

  • Streaming random pieces of level till infinity
  • Controllable by real hardware over UTP
  • Oculus rift DK1 support

You can find some more on the website of Fishing Cactus.

Street fighter for soft skills

I prototyped a streetfigter in the inhouse game engine, together with a designer. This prototype was also a test for the new component part of the engine that used Lua. It was quite an experience to work with an unknown game engine, an unknown language and unknown frameworks at the same time. But at the end I found my way and the prototype was made.

Hacklatohon at MIC

During my internship I had the opportunity to go to a hackathon together with another intern. This hackathon was organized by Microsoft Innovation Center in Brussels. More info here.

The aim is helping people with motoric difficulties to rehab. You can play this game with the kinect by using you limbs to train your movement.